Here what our satisfied clients have to say about us!

Upon engaging with Calyx Staffing I knew right away they were a different breed in terms of cannabis recruiting firms. They didn’t try and push existing candidates in their pipeline, but rather took the time to fully understand my specific needs and started a fresh search based on those needs. With exemplary diligence on the backend of the search, Calyx delivered on their first proposed candidate. This saved me time and energy, as I didn’t have to filter through a hand full of candidates which typically happens when trying to fill a role. Jen, Ty and Josh are all good people who communicate well, and overall, I was very pleased with the entire process and final result.

C.R. / Nature's Remedy

I had an enjoyable experience finding my next career opportunity through Calyx Staffing. The recruiters communicated well throughout the process both with me and on my behalf, and they were individually a pleasure to work with.

Nikkie H. / Dispensary Manager

Calyx Staffing worked tirelessly to get us the candidates we were looking for. They were professional, quick to provide quality candidates, and worked tirelessly to help us find the right team members. Highly recommended! Great job Calyx Staffing

Joe D.

Allow us to say that it has been an absolute pleasure working with Jen and the Calyx Staffing Team. We look forward to working with Calyx and Jen for our future staffing needs!

Brad D.

You and the team have also been terrific to work with! I really appreciate your transparency, passion and commitment to helping me (and other candidates, I'm sure)!

Dan W.

Thank you so much for thinking of me for this position, it means the world to me. I really appreciate you and can tell from our couple of conversations you're a great recruiter. Be well, and let me know if there's anything I can ever help you

Skylar R.

Thank you and your Team for your work in finding me for Calyx's Client. I really like the team there. Hope we can work together again soon.

Michael W.

Working with Calyx Staffing has been simple, from submitting my resume and creating my profile on the website, to working with your skilled team, the process has been a breeze. Your recruiter that assisted me is an absolute professional and has been more than helpful during this process, she has been a great coach, communicates extremely well, honest, and always makes herself available. It was a pleasure working with her and Calyx Staffing, I would definitely go through this agency and work with her again.

Anderson P.

I have signed and sent the offer of employment letter back to the client. I am very excited to get started. Thank you, again, for your time effort and support during this process.

Melissa R